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George has always been surrounded by fabrics, as the sixth generation of his families’ textile company. So, when it came to buying his own bed linen he thought surely, it would be a simple job? But no, instead he was faced with shelves and shelves of, what appeared to be, identical products that were all claiming different things.

He couldn’t believe just how complicated and confusing it was—not to mention the puzzling, outdated terminology (for example, what on earth was a “housewife pillow case”?) If he was baffled when looking for the simple things such as a great quality, white fitted sheet and duvet cover, how were others, not in the industry, meant to find it easy?

Driven by a desire to cut through the “noise” and dispel the misconceptions such as high thread count means high quality, George set about creating a beautifully simple and considered collection of the best bed and bath products. Made using only the finest organically grown and Fairtrade certified cotton, Dip & Doze focusses on the details that will make a difference.

With that, Dip & Doze was born… offering a new, simpler approach to bed and bath linen, reimagined for contemporary living.

sleep simplified

From sunset to sunrise, our daily lives revolve around sleeping, waking, showering and bathing. If you think about it, when you’re at home you probably spend more time tucked up in bed or wrapped up in your towels than you do in your clothes.

Dipping and dozing (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) are such a part of our everyday routine that we have taken it upon ourselves to create what we think is the perfect bedding. We have worked tirelessly to get the fundamentals right and simplify something that shouldn’t be so complicated.

From the cotton field to the bedroom we’ve reconsidered everything, from our Organic cotton fabrics, handy size labels, extra strong elastic on our fitted sheets to our eco friendly coconut buttons, we’ve gone the extra mile to create a range of deeply considered products, only selling what you need. Things that will make a positive difference to your daily life, to those who helped make them, and to our planet too.

ethical approach

Considering we all wrap ourselves up in our covers for up to a third of our lives we think it’s pretty important to know we are not smothering ourselves in nasty chemicals, while at the same time being able to sleep well in the knowledge that all of those involved in making our products have been treated fairly too.

So we have set out to do things the right way. For us, the right way is to only use the finest, hand-picked, Organic and Fairtrade certified cotton that can be traced back to the very farm it was grown on.

Our products are always designed around you, but never at the cost of our farmers, our factory workers or our planet.

Conventional cotton growing uses more chemical pesticides and fertilizers than any other crop in the world! We want to make a difference, which is why we have set out to do things the right way, not the easiest way, and because we passionately believe we can make a difference, one sheet at a time.

our fabrics

We have spent a lifetime working with fabrics, yet we are still learning something new every day, so to expect you to understand the nitty gritty details behind all the technical stuff such as thread count, length of yarn and weave would be ridiculous. It would be like you buying a car, but first needing to understand how the engine is put together!

We have had the sleepless nights to make things as simple as possible for you and bring you only the very best products using the finest fabrics.

At the heart of the brand are our two core fabrics ‘The Cool and Crisp’ (Percale) and ‘The Soft and Smooth’ (Sateen). Both are beautiful, both are made from only the very finest Organic cotton, but both have slightly different properties.

Our core bed linen products are available in both our fabrics. For designs where you don’t have a choice, well that’s because we have chosen the best suited, so you don’t have to.

‘The Cool and Crisp’ (Percale)

  • Organic & Fairtrade cotton
  • Cool to the touch
  • Lightweight & breathable-perfect for warmer sleepers or the summer months
  • Comparable to a crisply ironed shirt or most hotel bedlinen
  • Durable- It will become even more beautiful with every wash
  • It has a matte finish

‘The Soft and Smooth’ (Sateen)

  • Organic & Fairtrade cotton
  • Gorgeously smooth
  • Soft and cosy- ideal for all year round
  • Comparable to the best hug or your favourite old t-shirt
  • Naturally wrinkle resistant
  • A very subtle sheen (not shiny)

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