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Meet Our Founder


The sixth generation of his family’s textile company, George has always been surrounded by fabrics. So, when it came to buying his own bed linen, he thought: surely, this will be an easy job? Instead, he was faced with shelves of what appeared to be identical products, all claiming different things.

He couldn’t believe just how confusing it was—not to mention the outdated terminology (he thought, what on earth is a “housewife pillowcase”?). If he was baffled when looking for the simple things, then how were others, not in the industry, meant to find it easy?


simplified home comforts

Driven by a desire to cut through the noise (such as high thread count equals high quality), George set about creating a beautifully simple, sustainably and ethically made bed & bath linen collection of the highest industry quality.

Fast forward to 2024, we now offer sublime loungewear & robes, too. The best part? We’re seeing a slow shift in the industry. There’s really no better feeling than being a part of this.