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Our Conscious Approach

timeless designs

Our design ethos is based on the Nordic tradition of simple, functional, beautifully made everyday items. We believe in the importance of timeless, seasonless products that become more beautiful as they age. By making fewer, high-quality pieces – you can buy less & choose well.

Extending the life of the things we love is one of the best things we can do for the environment. Buying one quality item that lasts for years, has a much smaller impact than buying multiple poor-quality garments over the same period of time.

a sustainable future

We believe this starts with education around the resources and craft that goes into making the things we all love. When we value and cherish our carefully chosen pieces more, we hold on to them for longer, seeing signs of ageing as something beautiful to be celebrated rather than imperfections.

Always striving to create the best possible version of each product, we’ve thoughtfully crafted every last detail of our products, to ensure you love every item for years to come. Be sure to extend the life of your items for even longer with a little help from our care guides.

local sourcing

When deciding where to manufacture, we not only consider each partners individual skills, but also look at the proximity to the source of the raw material to reduce our carbon footprint. We also choose to boat our goods to further reduce our carbon emissions.

solar powered

After installing a solar panel system, our office &  warehouse run at 75% self-sufficiency. Our vision is to become 100% reliant on self-generated renewable energy, by storing excess energy generated during the summer months.