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We believe that beautifully made, indulgent products shouldn’t just be for special occasions, they should be used and loved every day, year after year, and help remind you of the simple joys that can be found within the familiar rhythms of life at home. Those small, ordinary moments worth celebrating.

Baffled by marketing jargon? Haven't the foggiest idea how to navigate through outdated terminology? We've spent a lifetime working with fabrics, so to expect you to make head or tail of marketing gimmicks and understand all the details behind the technical stuff such as thread count, length of yarn and weave would be ridiculous. It would be like you buying a car, but first needing to understand exactly how the engine is put together!

That’s why we drew upon our 180 years of textile expertise to find the perfect alchemy for comfort and durability, so you don’t have to worry about thread count or fabric make up. We believe it's our job to do all we can to help make things as simple as possible for you and eliminate choice fatigue, all whilst doing things the right way. For us, that’s putting our planet and those who make the things we love first.

By selling directly to you and cutting out the middle-man, we don’t have to commit to seasonal collections, wholesale markups or large orders that often result in waste.

With our simplified buying process, you can spend your time getting as many precious zzz’s as possible, safe in the knowledge that you have the finest quality, ethically and sustainably crafted, fairly priced home comforts.

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