Bathroom essentials that are as functional as they are beautiful. Lovingly made using the same organic and Fairtrade cotton as our bedding, we’re here to help you create a sanctuary away from the daily rush.
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Towel Sets

Enjoy the simple pleasure of a bathroom filled with honest, organic and lovingly made essentials. It’s time to savour the little things. Who’s in? 

  • Shop Now The maxi set of 6
    The Maxi Set of Six

    from £94.00

  • Shop Now The mini set of 6
    The Mini Set of Six

    from £70.00

  • Shop Now The maxi set of 4
    The Maxi Set of Four

    from £88.00

  • Shop Now The mini set of 4
    The Mini Set of Four

    from £64.00


Following our ethos of fewer, better products, our towels are designed to work harder and last longer, so you can buy less. Just choose which towels best suit your everyday.

  • Shop Now The bath sheet
    The Bath Sheet

    from £34.00

  • Shop Now Light grey bath towel
    The Bath Towel

    from £22.00

  • Shop Now White hand towel
    The Hand Towel

    from £12.00

  • Shop Now Flax face towels, pack of 2
    The Face Towels

    from £8.00

Bath Mats

Just like our towels, we focused on perfecting one design to eliminate choice fatigue. The result? A beautifully simple, beautifully made item for your bathroom that provides ultimate underfoot comfort.

  • Shop Now Perfect underfoot comfort with our white bath mat
    The Bath Mat

    from £18.00

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