Bathroom essentials that are as functional as they are beautiful. Lovingly made using the same organic and Fairtrade cotton as our bedding, we’re here to help you create a sanctuary away from the daily rush.
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Towel Sets

Enjoy the simple pleasure of a bathroom filled with honest, organic and lovingly made essentials. It’s time to savour the little things. Who’s in? 

  • Shop Now The maxi set of 6
    The Maxi Set of Six

    Out of stock

  • Shop Now The mini set of 6
    The Mini Set of Six

    Out of stock

  • Shop Now The maxi set of 4
    The Maxi Set of Four

    Out of stock

  • Shop Now The mini set of 4
    The Mini Set of Four

    Out of stock


Following our ethos of fewer, better products, our towels are designed to work harder and last longer, so you can buy less. Just choose which towels best suit your everyday.

  • Shop Now The bath sheet
    The Bath Sheet

    from £32.00

  • Shop Now Light grey bath towel
    The Bath Towel

    from £20.00

  • Shop Now White hand towel
    The Hand Towel

    from £11.00

  • Shop Now Flax face towels, pack of 2
    The Face Towels

    from £7.00

Bath Mats

Care for your feet as well as the rest of your body with our bath mat. Just like our towels, we focused on perfecting one design to eliminate choice fatigue. The result? A beautifully simple, beautifully made item for your bathroom that provides ultimate underfoot comfort.

  • Shop Now Perfect underfoot comfort with our white bath mat
    The Bath Mat

    from £17.00

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