As consumers we are led to believe that the measure of quality is thread count. Agreed, a high number sounds impressive, but contrary to popular belief, high thread count isn’t always synonymous with luxury bedding. In fact, more threads can make your sheets heavier, rougher and less durable. We don’t worry about thread count when buying clothes, so why is this important when we’re looking for bedding?

what on earth is thread count, anyway?

If you’re not sure exactly what thread count is, panic not! We’ve done our research over the years and found that only 5% of people we asked actually knew what thread count was, so you’re not alone.

In short, thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven into one square inch of fabric. So for example, an authentic 300 thread count sheet might be made up of 150 horizontal single ply threads and 150 single ply vertical threads woven together.

time to end the deception

However, in reality it’s not that simple. There’s only so many threads that can actually fit into that one square inch of space, so manufacturers get creative with their weaving processes to try and cram more in. By twisting the yarns together in a plait-like method (in the industry we call these double or triple ply yarns), misleadingly high thread counts can be created. These sound great for marketing purposes, but the yarn quality is often very poor and the products can deteriorate quickly. 

Did you know that not all cotton yarns are the same? They vary in length and thickness, characteristics that determine the grade. Products on the market claiming to be crazily high thread counts (500-1000) are generally made using weaker and shorter yarns. These create heavier sheets that can suffocate the airflow around you while you sleep, which isn't helpful for maintaining a good sleeping temperature.

so does it matter at all?

Generally, anything above a count of 200 and not exceeding a count of 400 indicates high quality bed linen, but this is only one very small factor that contributes to quality. Other aspects that are just as important are the quality of cotton and workmanship. Single ply, long staple yarns are the most important factor when it comes to durable, luxurious feeling bedding.

We completely understand that all the nitty gritty details behind the technicalities of fabric can be confusing. That’s why we drew upon our 180 years of textile expertise to find the perfect alchemy for comfort, durability, breathability and washability, so you don’t have to worry about thread count or fabric make up. With our simplified buying process, you can spend your time getting as many precious zzz’s as possible, safe in the knowledge that you have the finest quality cotton bedding with Dip & Doze.

For bedding that gets softer with each wash and ages with grace, we use the finest quality, long staple organic cotton in a single-ply 300 thread count weave.

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