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Our Fabrics & Makers

a shared ethos

Bringing you nature’s most sustainable & most beautiful, we choose each fabric with care & intention. Partnering with some of the world’s best makers, we grow & produce our fabrics according to the highest ethical & sustainable standards, from seed to final product. This of course takes time. It’s not the easiest way, but for us, it’s the only way. Without a doubt, we think it’s worth all the effort. We hope you agree!

Journey through the making of our sustainable fabrics with us, below...

organic cotton bedding, towels & robes

Exclusively using single ply, long staple cotton—we’re proud to bring you an exceptionally durable, soft, luxurious organic cotton experience.

With a commitment to organic cotton farming & manufacturing, we partner with a first-class, family-run farm in India. Here, time-honoured skills in cotton cultivation have passed through generations to meet modern day innovations. We're proud to source from a Fairtrade certified organisation carrying out sustainable agriculture to improve small-scale farmer profits.

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natural linen bedding

A natural fibre taken from the stalks of a flax plant; we source our linen from the famous Western Europe flax belt (on the northern coastline of Belgium & France). Here, the unique climate enables flax to thrive like nowhere else in the world—producing super long fibres that result in the softest, most durable linen out there.

Requiring a niche set of skills to weave from flax fibre to linen fabric, we partner with a world-class linen mill in the Guimarães region of Portugal—where flax production is culturally embedded.

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our hemp & tencel loungewear

No exception to being gentle on our planet & your skin, we source hemp—one of the world’s most sustainable fabrics—for our luxury loungewear. Home to growing most of the world’s highest quality hemp, we partner with an incredibly sustainable & ethical factory in China. Here, time-honoured skills have grown through generations.

To add extra softness where needed, some of our loungewear pieces are blended with Tencel (made from sustainably sourced wood materials). All processed in the same closed loop system with no harmful chemicals used.

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