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We choose each fabric with care and intention, bringing you nature’s most sustainable and most beautiful, always consciously crafted with care by some of the world’s best makers. They grow and produce according to the highest ethical and sustainable standards from seed to final product. This of course takes time. It’s not the easiest way, but for us, the only way. Without a doubt, we think it’s worth all the effort. We hope you agree!

For us, sustainability and ethics aren’t buzz-words or a box to tick. From day one, we committed to partnering with artisans and small-scale farmers valued for their expertise and shared goals of a more sustainable and fair industry. We continue to be inspired everyday by the innovation, initiatives and humanitarian efforts of each of our carefully selected partners.

our organic & Fairtrade cotton bedding, towels & robes

We exclusively use single ply, long staple, superior-quality organic cotton. This is one of the most important things to look for when it comes to durable, soft, luxurious feeling fabric.

Unlike conventional cotton, our farmers grow GOTS certified organic cotton without the use of genetically modified seeds, pesticides, or harmful chemicals. Soil is rotated regularly, improving the quality and water retention capabilities. Rainwater is also recycled efficiently, meaning less than 20% of outside water needs to be used for irrigation. GOTS ensures that strict and extensive social and environmental criteria are followed, all the way from seed to finished piece.

We were drawn to India due to the unmatched skill and commitment of communities to organic cotton farming and manufacturing. We source our cotton from a non-profit organization that helps small-scale family farms improve profits through sustainable agriculture, located in a region of India with a long tradition of cotton cultivation. This moves on to our first-class, pioneering partners and their family-run factory. Here, time honoured skills that have been passed down through generations meet modern day innovations.

We’re proud to be Fairtrade certified—meaning our cotton is certified throughout the whole supply chain—and to be supporting economic opportunity for those in the cotton industry who have historically been underserved by big corporations and a complex supply chain.


our linen bedding

Linen is a natural fibre taken from the stalks of a flax plant. We’ve sourced some of the world’s best flax from the famous Western Europe flax belt (spanning the northern coastline of Belgium and France). Here, the unique North Sea climate enables it to thrive unlike anywhere else in the world, resulting in plants that yield the longest fibres, responsible for the softest, most durable linen.

Flax farming requires no irrigation or pesticides, and every part of the plant crop can be used, whether for food (flaxseeds and linseed oil) or as a by-product (in the production of paper and building materials.)

Great skill is required to weave linen fabric. We decided to manufacture our Belgian and French flax in the Guimarães region of Portugal, where linen production forms a huge part of the local history and culture. We’re proud to have partnered with a leading, world-class linen mill here, whose ethos aligns with our own.

our hemp & tencel loungewear

Our hemp is grown without the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides. It’s fast growing, naturally resistant to pests and requires almost no water to grow. It’s also a ‘sister’ plant, meaning that it replenishes the soil (we think that’s pretty amazing, don’t you!?).

Some of our lounge pieces are blended with Tencel. Made from sustainably sourced wood materials, it’s also processed without the use of harmful chemicals, all in a closed loop system. It’s gentle on our planet and oh so gentle on your skin.

We turned to northern China, where most of the world’s highest quality hemp is grown. Our partners are experts at working with this fibre, having honed their skills for generations, as well as having impressive sustainable and ethical practices.

our natural buttons

Our buttons are made from corozo nut, an extremely hard raw material. Despite being biodegradable, they're tremendously durable, perfect for withstanding daily use and washing. As they’re 100% natural, you’ll notice a subtle grain within each button, making each of them completely unique and truly beautiful.

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