As the clocks spring forward into this new season, the skies become somewhat bluer and the rays from the sun shine down on us for that little bit longer each day. With it brings glorious morning coffees once steaming, now iced, and the aroma of mixed peel in fruity hot cross buns, glazed with local honey.


The birds are back and so too is their beautiful song, the perfect replacement for the winter alarm clock. Hearing their chirps as the sun crests each day – enticing us to open the windows as we wake to relish in the simplicity of their song. Spring is the season of refreshment, revitalization, and rebirth. Lambs can be seen prancing round the fields as daffodils pop up where you’d least expect them, as if by magic.


Whilst in the kitchen, take a moment to cook and appreciate some of the season’s delights. Wild garlic is rife in woodlands this time of year, perfect for picking and putting in a pesto or pomodoro. Tasty asparagus, new potatoes and spinach are in season, alongside cauliflower and cabbage which can be picked up on a wander to the local farmer’s market. We can’t wait to experiment with the endless possibilities of the humble new potato.


And who could forget, the notorious April showers. Watering the plants so they begin to bloom, the showers make for an uplifting alternative to the frost of the past winters. There’s something quite satisfying about the smell of rain, a smell which almost always signifies the forthcoming rainbow after the shower has passed. A signal that reminds us that lighter, brighter days are coming.


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