We love long lasting items that carry a timeless aesthetic. So, we made our bath linens from the same finest quality Organic and Fairtrade cotton as our bedding. These carefully sourced everyday essentials are designed to be as functional as they are beautiful. As we also want to encourage people to reduce waste where possible and adopt a more mindful approach to buying, we’ve put together our expert tips on washing and drying so that you get maximum benefits out of these lovingly made items. It’s super easy to maintain their quality for longer! Here’s your towel care 101.


Unfortunately, your clothes and bath linens don’t love each other as much as you love them. Watch clothes with zips, hooks or trims as these can of course snag your towels and bath mat. If you’ve chosen our slate shade, this doesn't pair well with our white bedding in the washing machine! Keep whites separate from these items to avoid any colour transfer mishaps.

To maintain the quality of your towels and bath mat, avoid using synthetic fabric softeners as it leaves a waxy residue. This coating will not only make them feel stiffer over time, but also affect their drying performance and prevent them from absorbing as much water.  Not a quality you’re probably looking for, especially in a towel!

On that note, go easy with the detergent. We know it can be tempting when you want to give your bath linens a really good old clean, but again, too much will actually leave residue on them and also on your delicate skin.

We appreciate that some people like to wash at higher temperatures, but we always recommend not washing above 40 ºc. Good for your bath linens, good for the environment!


Line (stair bannister or clothes airer) drying is of course ideal. Simply shake them out after washing and again once dry to fluff them up.

In an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible we always advise trying to avoid the tumble dryer whenever possible. However, we also live in the real world and understand just how useful they can be. So, if you do need to use one, try to do so on a low heat setting to maintain softness. Drying at a very high temperature or over-drying will make your bath linens lose their plush feel and cause slight shrinkage.

detergents we recommend using

If you’ve been conscious and chosen organic cotton, why stop there? Maybe it’s also worth thinking about the ingredients in your detergents. Don’t fall into the trap of using synthetic detergents on your luxurious, chemical free towels and bath mats. We recommend using non-bio products from companies such as Bio-D.

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