sleep well with impossibly cosy bedding sleep well with impossibly cosy bedding

  • ethically made

    Crafted with care & attention, by some of the most skilled hands in the business.

  • 30 night sleep trial

    If you don’t fall head over heels with your new bed linen, send it back for free.

  • the perfect materials

    Elevate time at home naturally, with some of the world’s finest sustainable fabrics.

  • 180 years expertise

    This isn't just a hobby, our textile expertise stretches back six generations.

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The best quality, priced fairly

We all sleep, we all wash, we've been doing so forever, so when did buying bedding and towels become so complicated? We're here to make things simpler and do things the right way. We won't confuse you with thread counts or fabric make up.

The ultimate weave and thread count

As consumers we are led to believe that the measure of quality is 'thread count', and the higher it is the better the quality.

Using all our knowledge we have created the very best fabrics so you don't need to worry.

Ethically & sustainably sourced

Grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides, fertilizers or GMO's, we choose each fabric with care and intention, bringing you nature’s most sustainable and most beautiful.

Each product is always consciously crafted with care by some of the world’s best makers. Our partners produce according to the highest ethical standards from seed to final garment.

usability, washability & durability

Dip & Doze is designed around you and the things you do daily.

180+ years of experience has taught us exactly what makes good quality sheets fit for today's contemporary lifestyle. We have considered everything from the cotton field to the bedroom.



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